Lockheed Constellation

Connie #01


The Lockheed Constellation nicknamed the “Connie” first came off the assembly line in 1943 and the final Connie was completed in 1958.    The Constellation was considered one of the best propeller driven aircraft of it’s time.   There were 856 total aircraft with several variants both military and civilian built.  The C-69 was the military version ordered by Army (USAAF) in 1942.

The Lockheed Connie was featured in many old movies of the 40’s and 50’s.  The younger generation will never believe that you could walk out to the boarding ramp of your flight without having to go through any kind of security or screening.  The only reason a chain link fence was present was for safety.  Even well-wishers seeing you off could go right out with you to the boarding ramp.

Airline flying was a rich experience as food and beverage was superb, seating space was generous.   However flying from New York to Los Angeles took 8-10 hours compared today’s 5 hours or less.  But it was a much more enjoyable experience in the 1950s and early 1960s then it is today.


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