UFOs Real or Not?


Have you ever wondered about strange lights or sights in the sky? Is it something explainable or is something that defies normal understanding or explanation. I know you can’t be bothered with that “sci-fi” stuff! Just suppose you did see something that was highly unusual or even slightly frightening. What would you do? Keep to yourself for fear of ridicule? Tell a unsympathetic law officer?

Maybe call the local newspaper reporter who acts like he really is too busy to be bothered with such nonsense? You figure the government isn’t interested either. Before you question your sanity, you are not alone. There have been many people in this world who have seen very highly unusual sights in the sky.

What I want to address in this brief memo, is that they saw something or thought they did. Let me define and clarify what the term UFO means and doesn’t mean.

First of all it not synonymous with an “alien spaceship,” that is strictly a Hollywood label. In the 1950s when the USAF Project Blue Book was started, the Air Force coined the acronym UFO and it meant (still does, today) Unidentified Flying Object. Simply stated, the aerial object is UNKNOWN!!

Does that mean that most reports of UFOs are unknown, actually not. Experts from countries around the world that investigated these sightings and reports, say that 95% of all sightings are usually aircraft, birds, balloons meteors, even the moon and sun; other explainable things. or Identifiable Flying Objects (IFO). Then it is the 5% that this essay is focusing on which is the “unknown” category.

The “Unknown Category” should be addressed into three areas.                                       1.  Alien Life from another star system.                                                                                       2.  Man-made Experimental craft.                                                                                                 3.  Natural Phenomena.

UFO #02

Category 1 Alien-Life from another Star System

This category, I believe does not exist  However my intention is not to dwell in that area. Simply for the sake of exploring thoroughly all possibilities of explanations of UFOs, I will take the view, that maybe there are alien spaceships from another star system. If another life-form were visiting us, they are a very clumsy bunch.

Anyone who has the intelligence to develop a means to travel at a rate faster than the speed of light certainly has the technology to remain stealth to the eye.

In comparison, our limited technology has developed radar stealth aircraft (B-2 bomber and the F-117 fighter). (who knows how many Top-Secret project are on the drawing boards along this line?)  While some aircraft may be a little difficult to spot, none (at this time) are invisible to the eye.

Should these be visitors from space, I really think they would not want to show their vehicles of travel so obviously. Of course they might do this once in a while to “rattle our cage” you might say.

But there has been far too much “cage rattling” in the past 70-80 years of UFO awareness.   A genuine alien visitor would explore the planet for what ever reason they desired, unknown to any earthling and depart from us. How about an invasion force? They could do that same thing, that is be here, unknown to us. But of course that has not happened.

The main reason that number 1 category is just wishful thinking by some, is that the” aliens” have never contacted us. This includes the many so called “flying saucer” crashes.

Really, if they can avoid all the space junk (asteroids)   they wouldn’t be crashing into each other or into mountains and other terrain. So alien spaceships are not an explanation for UFOs.

UFO #04Category 2 Man-made Experimental Aircraft.

While the “skunk works” of Lockheed and other aircraft companies continue on in such places as Area 51 in Nevada, Wright-Patterson in Ohio and maybe a place called Wake Island which is also very mysterious. While the B-2 and F-117 look “out of this world” they are strictly human design.    There has been much speculation what goes on at Area 51.  Until recently, the U.S. Government denies that it even exists. Besides developing new aircraft, there are probably experiments in lasers and other optics.

Thus at night, if some strange lights are seen near Area 51 that could be misinterpreted as UFOs. The possibility of a man-made vehicle posing as a alien spaceship is highly unlikely.

Category 3 Natural Phenomena

Man has a tendency to be arrogant enough to think they have conquered all areas of nature. This man-made arrogance showed itself best in building the “unsinkable” Titanic.

About the same time period, men laughed at the idea that we would ever land on the the Moon.

Earlier in history, “men” thought Columbus was crazy because he thought the world was round and not flat. Many false theories, myths and fantasies have plagued mankind through time. In other words, there are many things we don’t know about our own planet Earth.

This mostly a modern misconception in that hydro-carbon emissions by man are causing climate change. The short range facts seem to indicate winters are milder, the polar cap areas are melting, the sea level is rising. This could be the case on a very short term basis.

One hundred years ago, one of the warmest winters in the Arctic on record caused great chunks (some 10-12 miles long) of ice to break loose from ice glaciers.

Captain Edward Smith, Master of the Titanic was not too concerned about “ice reports” because they had never been a problem during his past years of sailing the Atlantic. What he didn’t know or understand was the amount of ice that had broken away from the Arctic glaciers and were drifting south in the Labrador current.

UFO Abduction

Yet our scientists say the current climate change is man’s fault and is very recent. Naughty man! Take away his cars, airplanes and put him in the dark by shutting down those awful carbon spewing power plants.

That will teach him!

While things sometimes look like they are headed in a certain direction, this is only a very short-sighted view. Yes, man-kind has become immensely impatient. If you have to wait longer than 30 seconds for your fast food order, much gripping and fussing goes on.

In conclusion.   What scientists today need to do in regard to the UFO issue is to study the phenomena  In secret, the military is looking at any threat to national security. Anytime you have think you have lost control of your skies to an unknown element, there could be reason for concern.

But there just isn’t enough evidence to prove that UFOs are a threat to the nation or to aviation. There was an “alleged” mid-air with an UFO and a light-twin back in the 1980’s, but that has never been proved to be true. There probably was a mid-air between two aerial vehicles, but only some wreckage of the twin was found because the twin went down but no hard facts on what it collided with.

Are UFOs  some type solid material or are they an apparition with no danger of harm to man or beast? Questions like that are part of the unknown surrounding this phenomena.

Scientists need to look into these sightings seriously and not ridicule those who saw them.   The need is for the scientific community to turn it’s attention to discovering what type of natural occurrence this is. Is it an unknown living thing?

Is it a geological entity such as gas from a volcano or other geological areas. Is it some a visionary illusion such as a mirage?

Many UFO/Alien Space Ship advocates claim that the U.S. government knows a lot more about the UFO issue,  but is covering it up.   I have dealt with government security issues (Security Clearance: COMSEC with the DOD for over 30 years.)   I find that most of the time the issues are tactically related not strategic.

In many cases when a UFO sighting has occurred by military personnel, it is immediately classified Top Secret. This is not so much done as a cover up but all TS is viewed at first classified until the issue can be further investigated. Usually the civilian and military leaders don’t know anymore about the sighting then the average man.

But to keep their careers on an upward trend, the sighting is kept TS until a explanation is available, if none comes forth then the issue remains TS. This is the point; government officials have developed a carefully orchestrated pattern of job protection and career enhancement.

Bottom line is that no government in the world wants to admit that they don’t what it is. Since folks tend to turn to government for answers and the government will continue to deny that anything exists, simply because they don’t know the answer.

However if the scientific community is tasked, maybe through grants or similar incentives, if they would look into this phenomena, it is possible an answer could come forth. While there may be some general thought on the subject at higher levels, I do not believe any cover up is taking place.

So to answer, “Are UFOs real”? Yes UFOs are real! But not as the popular concept.  In most cases some phenomena has been seen. The question as to what is it, can only be answered by the scientists through research and study.